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Film: Prometheus

Year: 2012

Cast: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charliz Theron, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce, Logan Marshall Green, Sean Harris, RAfe Spall, Emun Elliot, Benedict Wong, Kate Dickie, Patrick Wilson, Lucy Hutchinson,

Plot: A team of scientists journey through the universe on the spaceship “Prometheus” on a voyage to investigate Alien life forms. The team of scientists becomes stranded on an Alien world, and as they struggle to survive it becomes clear that the horrors they experience are not just a threat to themselves, but to all of mankind.

Review: ok so a bit of background, this film was due to be made after the original Alien film back in 1979 and be it’s prequel, this was eventually shelved and was resurrected back in 2010. This being the finished result.

So after that, what did I think of it? Well I was confused for most of it, as it doesn’t really follow any of the alien films, there is very little Alien action and what there is isn’t “Alien” I can understand it as a stand alone film, no need for any knowledge of the Alien Franchise etc… as part of this franchise it goes against pretty much all the films apart from the first one and would have worked well as the prequel before any more of the films were made.

That said as a stand alone film it was pretty good [but still confusing In parts] the special effects were great as you would expect the opening sequence shots were in Iceland which looked barren and hostile but beautiful at the same time.

Although this film is a stand alone film and the Alien references are subtle, they are there just subtle you just need to look for them.

The ending is left wide open for a new film which, by the way they have left it open would be a side movie rather than a follow on or yet another prequel of a prequel.

All in all this was a really good film, although I will have to watch it again and put aside the alien and AVP films, this is hard but I feel a must to watch this film then you can watch Miss Weaver in Alien and all will be well in the world, just don’t watch the AVP films because that will just confuse the issue!

10/10 good stand alone film, not for AVP fans


Wikipedia link gives a complete plot synopsis [SPOILER………………………….]



Film: Hard Candy

Year: 2005

Cast: Patrick Wilson, Ellen Page, Sandra oh, Odessa Rae, G.J. Echternkamp

Plot: A mature 14-year old girl meets a charming 32-year old photographer on the Internet. Suspecting that he is a paedophile, she goes to his home in an attempt to expose him. With disturbing consequences.

Review: This is one crazy ass film from start to finish you have no idea where you are, you start off unsure about the characters at the beginning, you get lulled into a false state feeling sorry for Hayley then as it progresses you feel sorry for Jeff as the girl seems to deranged and picking on an innocent bloke, then you realise they are both mental in some way, him a deranged paedophile that deserves everything he gets and she the vigilante kid set on ridding the world of his like.

There is no blood and gore in this film unless you count the cut on her head and the “testicles” in cups. It’s the tension between the two actors that gets you, the swing of emotions and the foreboding for what comes next, don’t think that this is your run of the mill low budget film, this is a future classic. It took only 18 weeks to film and most of it was shot in the order you see it, and the scenes on the castration table were so intense that Patrick Wilson actually passed out hyperventilating,

10/10 If you edge of the seat, disturbing, and well acted this is it.

Film: Insidious

Year: 2010

Cast: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Andrew Astor, Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson, Barbara Hershey, Corbett Tuck, Heather Tocquingny, Ruben Pla, John Henry Binder, Jospeh Bishara, Philip Friedman, J. LaRose,

Plot: A family looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further. After his spirit travels their in his sleep.

Review: As a stand alone film this is quite an amusing film, I couldn’t help think all the way through that it was a remake of Poltergeist from 1982,

I was expecting a lot from the Guys who made Saw, maybe too much as i was sadly disillusioned, unless you’re someone who has to hide behind a cushion when doctor Who is on you will not find this film scary at all,

I’m not saying that it is a bad film, far from it the production the lighting and the effects were outstanding I was just waiting all the way through for a little fat woman to say “There Here.”

I so wanted this film to scare the pants off me but it didn’t, it wasn’t till afterward that I noticed it was a 15 cert, so in that light it was targeted at the right audience.

With all this negativity in this review I will say this it is a good story and the acting was first rate and even the ending was good not your usual happy “lets go if into the sunset” ending, but a good “this doesn’t look as though to end well” ending.

Would I watch this film again? Probably in a couple of years when I forget what it was all about!

6-7/10. Not bad, but for the teens and scared adults. Better than Paranormal Activity.